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Company Introduction
SOUL of nature PLT was incorporated in 2019 disinfecting and germs buster by adopting natural and organic ingredients and prevent our end users from overly exposing to the side effect resulting from the use of chemical based products in the market.

The business was started back in 2015 with the aim to protect pets from harmful germs and related problems such as eczema, fungus, infections, rashes and etc. We developed in house products such as pet cream, spray and shampoo with the adoption of chemical ingredients. Hurbs, the brand name in the pet industry was conceptualised and to promote hygienic living for pets. In 2017, the company via its research team, formulated the solution to provide better and more effective results by adopting natural ingredients. Today, Hurbs is a well known name in the pets industry with its core product, Hurbs Nurocep cream, that keeps your pets from skin problems.

We believe that, natural ingredients such as plant extracts and compound obtained via natural means are good ingredients, if not better, in formulating products for the healthcare industry. Hence, SOUL of Nature PLT was incorporated to supplement the main business, by producing household products made of natural ingredients as an alternative mean for the use of mankind and limiting the exposure to chemical input that is believed to be the main cause of the escalating terminal illnesses.
Mission Statement
We strive to be the leading manufacturer of disinfecting and health care products in Malaysia, both for the people and animals. To create awareness on the need to practice cleanliness organically and live in good health.
Vision Statement
To empower mankind with the need to possess good hygienic behaviour and to protect themselves and their love ones from harmful germs without over dependence to chemical product. To develop products to cure mankind from cancer and promote longevity

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